welcome to the gallery! here is where i post any art or creative stuff that i make

images are resized down to prevent theft


ALRIGHT so. i was thinking about lotus' backstory and wanted to come up with an idea for the user who made his semi-physical form

ive been wanting to name her but i just do not have any name ideas haha. i have her saved in my computer as "computer girl" and honestly i'm tempted to just leave her name as that and just. not give her a real name GHFJFJFH


FIRST GALLERY POST OF ALL TIME LETS GO!! my fav touhou character

this took a WHILE (i think i worked on it for like 4 hours over the span of like 3 days??? jesus) i usually dont do lineless but i am very proud of this (especially the shading) and im glad its the first post on this part of the website

this took a LOT of effort (and wrist pain) so don't expect anything w this detailed shading soon hahhahahhahahahj (seriously my hand hurts so much i think i should take a break for a while)

links and sites i think are cool


link my site!

<a href="https://nep2ne.neocities.org/" target="_blank"> <img src="https://nep2ne.neocities.org/nep2ne.gif"> </a>


10/25/22 started rearranging the site

9/29/22 new pages are up!! just gotta add content now..

9/29/22 added a whole bunch of new stuff (two things) to the site, proud of myself so true

9/29/22 its only been a day and i'm already thinking abt rearranging my entire site layout LOL... why must i be so indecisive

9/28/22 honestly after seeing some of the sites on neocities i am very tempted to make a webcomic or something

9/28/22 ok i just realized how bland it is compared to other sites. uhjh i am unsure what to do

9/28/22 just made the site, feeling pretty epic